Old Main Society

Established in 1996, The Old Main Society is a membership of generous donors who understand the importance of preserving the College's rich history while forging its strong future. Their commitment to W&J through planned giving will enable the College to continue to provide its students a liberal arts education of the highest quality. Members of The Society have joined by:

  • Including the College in their will
  • Naming W&J as a beneficiary of an IRA/Retirement Plan
  • Establishing a charitable trust or gift annuity for W&J that provides them a lifetime income
  • Using life insurance as a gift to the College
  • The Roster of Members of The Old Main Society is published in the fall of each year.

    Why should I consider joining?

    It's often difficult to look so far into the future of our own lives, let alone the future of an already thriving institution, but the rewards are great. The College thrives today because of the vision of friends and alumni who understand the importance of higher education - particularly the power of a Washington & Jefferson College education. Become part of that vision by including the College in your future plans and becoming a member of The Old Main Society.

    Why are these gifts so important?

    The College has both long and short-term needs. Gifts to fund current programs or gifts to the W&J Fund are essential to our day-to-day operations. Deferred and other planned gifts will preserve the legacy of W&J for the future.

    Can I direct how my gift will be used?

    Yes. For example, donors may choose to have the remaining value of an annuity fund a scholarship in their name. Bequests can be directed to fund a specific department. Some donors may prefer not to choose themselves, but to let the College apply the funds to the area of greatest need.

    Won't you join us'?

    Your membership in The Old Main Society will help preserve W&J's exceptional educational experience and enrich the lives of future graduates for years to come. To learn more about planned gifts or register as a Member of The Old Main Society, please contact Office of Planned Giving at 724-223-6519 or toll-free at 888-926-3529 or ajackson@washjeff.edu, cquinn@washjeff.edu.